ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter was founded in 2007 and after much preparation opened its doors in 2009. ETA Vaughan has offered women, youth and children of York Region, Greater Toronto Area and special cases from across Canada, a safe and secure haven from violence and abuse. Our Shelter is the first and only emergency shelter in the City of Vaughan. Since opening its doors in 2009, ETA Vaughan has helped over 890 families on their journey of empowerment in order to live lives free from violence and abuse.

Currently, ETA Vaughan Women’s Shelter contains five family units, which can accommodate up to 30 women and children. For the women and children we serve, ETA Vaughan is often their first real chance to breathe freely and for the first time, feel safe and secure.

Canada and specifically Ontario is known for multiculturalism. ETA Vaughan strives to acknowledge the cultural diversity of our clients and their children and accommodate accordingly. All cultural, religious and spiritual differences are embraced as well as dietary needs, such as providing Halal and Kosher meals. ETA Vaughan has a state of the art security system and works closely with police and other law enforcement agencies to provide a safe and secure environment for our clients and their children . As a result, our facility can accommodate high-risk cases. Our organization, through our professional and certified staff, have committed themselves to creating and nurturing a positive and empowering place, in which women and children can leave behind feelings of fear and despair, and begin to embrace lives of hope and optimism.

In 2010, ETA Vaughan opened its Outreach Centre to further serve the women, youth and children. ETA Vaughan's Outreach Centre offers services such as: free counselling, advocacy, workshops, programs, referrals and resources. ETA Vaughan's Outreach Centre also provides ongoing transitional services and support to women and children who have discharged from the women’s shelter and require additional support. In addition, the Outreach Centre offers the Youth Achieving Empowerment (YAE) program. Our Chief Operating Executive Director created the program in 2010 and designed it for youth as a violence prevention and intervention program.