Youth Achieving Empowerment (YAE) Program

The Youth Achieving Empowerment (YAE) program is run out of our Outreach Centre. The program was designed in 2010 by our Chief Operating Executive Director. The mission of YAE is to engage and educate youth, inspire leadership and empower youth to create change. YAE is designed for youth as a violence prevention and intervention program.

The YAE team provides outreach services to various schools and community centres engaging in presentations and workshops on a variety of topics that impact youth. Our YAE team presently works with over 20 schools within York Region, Region of Peel, City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The YAE team caters the programs to the youth  we serve. Some topics discussed by the YAE team include: healthy relationships, self-esteem, bullying, stress, schooling transition and health.

The YAE program delivers information, resources and tools through presentations in the form of power points, media, music and various activities; thereby creating a platform for youth to engage in decision-making in a healthy and safe way. Counselling services are also provided to youth upon request.

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